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Denver fitness studio founderSpring/Summer, 2017

Call Me Sir

What do you do and why do you do it? I am the founder of both Pura Vida Fitness & Spa and Greenwood Athletic & Tennis Club. Being in this business reinforces my purpose each day. I get to create an environment where people are offten changed for the better. It is an honor to serve our members and bring well-being into their lives. Everyone wins! Read the full article on page 28.





Denver Fitness studio in MIndBodyGreenDecember, 2016

Feeling Good Is The Key To Looking Good

23 years in the fitness industry has delivered a very interesting view of trends, fads, and consumer expectations. Regrettably, I was a little too young to take part in the '80s movement fueled by Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons. Hey, I liked the look of leg warmers, unitards, and neon-colored muscle shirts.

The enthusiasm and community from those days has fully returned to fitness. The last few years, a new tribe of fitness warriors, yoga fanatics, and cycling gods have discovered what group fitness can do for your mind, body, and soul. Read the article.



Denver fitness studioSeptember, 2016

The Cupid’s Arrow of Programming

Creating a successful group fitness program can often resemble a game of match making: will the members be attracted to the format? Will the instructors be willing to commit? Will both parties be loyal and determined to stick through changes?

In order to blend a perfect potion that satisfies member and instructor alike, it’s important to make sure both sides get what they want, and will be provided with what they need. Read the article.


Denver fitness studio in PilatesStyleAugust 2016

Align Your Spine

As a Pilates teacher and physical therapist, I have observed that the clients who derive the most benefit from Pilates have one thing in common: They are consistent with their practice. But research shows that one of the greatest obstacles to a regular practice is a perceived lack of time and not having access to equipment. As a solution to these issues, I was inspired to follow the model of dental hygiene. Read the article.



Denver fitness studio on Expertise.comJuly 2016

Denver’s Top 20 Gyms

Pura Vida is a J. Madden fitness center and spa providing personal training, holistic nutrition consultation, physical therapy, and hospitality to Denver clients since 2007. The center hosts Volo Suspension Yoga sessions, a fitness floor, and physical therapy services in the Cherry Creek North shopping district. Club Business International, Travel + Leisure, Colorado Yoga, and 5280 Magazine have featured Pura Vida in their coverage of Denver health clubs and innovative fitness programming. Read the article.



Semi-Sweet ToothJune 2016

Class Review: NUFit at Pura Vida 

While it’s been over a week since the end of Denver Fitness Week, I’m still coming off the high of trying new classes and being in such positive, beautiful, fitness-related environment.  But, alas, at least I have those new classes in my arsenal at the ready for when I want to switch up my workouts, right?!  (I’ve already been back to another Burn class at The Barre Code Denver!)  But this week, I’m highlighting Natalie Uhling’s NUFit class, which is hosted at Pura Vida in Cherry Creek. Click here for article.



February 5, 2016



Denver Gym

January 2016

Episode 16

In this episode of Livin’ @ Altitude, we work off all those calories that you gained over the holidays! It’s time to exercise and get back in shape. But are you a person that doesn’t like the routine of a normal gym? Well, there are workouts out there that are fun, unique and will help lose the pounds. Kyle Keefe and Julie Browman’s first stop was to Volo Yoga in the Pura Vida Fitness and Spa in Cherry Creek. Click here to view.



Denver Gym

January 2016

How to Detox Like a Local in Denver

A guide to feeling good in the Mile High City in 2016.
Everyone knows residents of Denver are an active bunch and fitness goals don't stop just because there's snow on the ground. For those of you who said goodbye to 2015 with a little too much fun, we've rounded up the best spots in town to cleanse the body, tone up, and indulge in food you won't regret later. It's time to start the year off right.

Anyone sick of the same old flow should consider a membership at Cherry Creek's chic Pura Vida health club. Beyond its gorgeous facilities, there's a special 1,200-square-foot aerial yoga studio that uses silk hammocks to take your downward dog into the air. Click here for article.



American Way MagazineNovember 2015

Learn to Fly 

Ditch the yoga mat — resorts and spas across the globe are embracing the aerial-yoga trend. Most of us who do yoga strive to feel grounded, legs like tree roots, seeking solid, earthbound equilibrium. But one of the coolest yoga trends — aerial yoga, also known as Anti Gravity Aerial Yoga, Unnata Aerial Yoga and Air Yoga — has its devotees navigate between the floor and the air, at times suspended above the ground in silk hammocks anchored to the ceiling or to a metal frame. Click here for article.





Colorado Yoga magazine articleNovember  2015

We Tried It: NUFit

Fitness mogul Natalie Uhling combines cardio dance movements with toning exercises for one energetic workout.The Mile High City is bursting with ways to tone your tummy (and your thighs, and your biceps). Every month, new fitness studios open—all with methods sworn to revolutionize the way you work out. While they can’t all be the right fit for everyone, it's worth giving them a try. Click here for article.




Colorado Yoga magazine articleSummer 2015

Volo Yoga Studio

Volo Yoga has partnered with Pura Vida Fitness and Spa to simultaneously launch the next evolution in practice of yoga. Volo Yoga, a form of aerial yoga, is a purposeful cross training and restorative method designed for the athlete, yet accessible and beneficial for all. The classes have a progression easing the practitioner safely to the next level at their own pace. Click here for article.




April 24, 2015




Aerial Yoga article in The Denver MagazineMarch 27, 2015

Aerial Yoga Takes Off In Denver

by Spencer Campbell

Aerial yoga sounds more like theater than fitness. “People automatically think Cirque du Soleil,” says Keith Moore, general manager of Pura Vida Fitness and Spa, which began offering aerial yoga classes in March. But sometimes even diehard yogis get tired of doing the same ole downward-facing dog. Aerial—or “suspension”—yoga opens up new challenges by using silk supports hung from the ceiling that can be unfurled to the size of a hammock (for seated positions) or rolled up skinny like a sling (providing a crutch while you attempt a handstand, for instance).  Click here for article.






Self Magazine article on Pura Vida Denver GymMarch, 2015

The Fitness Side Hustle

by Annie Daly

Counterintuitive Fact of the Day: Moon-lighting can help you feel more energized overall. Think about your favorite fitness instructor. He or she probably spends all day, every day at the gym, right? Not necessarily. We found three women who teach a in addition to their regular 9-to-5s—and say they don’t even do it for the money. And get this: Even though doubling down on two jobs sounds exhausting, all three women say they actually get more done in the end. Find out exactly what drives them, and how their lives have improved as a result. Click here for article. 




Wall Street Journal article about Pura Vida Denver GymMarch 2015

Big Gyms Shoot for a Crossfit Vibe, Without Crossfit

by Rachel Bachman

Pura Vida, a health club and spa in Denver, gutted a medical office in the basement of its building and installed a training space used for small-group sessions. It cost $120,000 to complete the hard-core vibe with concrete floors, monkey bars, racks of weights and a thumping sound system, Pura Vida general manager Keith Moore says. “The thing that CrossFit does really well is they build such a strong, devoted community,” Mr. Moore says. “When you put in a studio like this, you’re basically creating a club within a club." Click here for article.




Wall Street Journal article about YogaJanuary 2015

De-stressing Workout for the New Year

by Rachel Bachman

People with the noble New Year’s resolution to work out or work out more should mark their calendars: That resolve starts to waver in the third week in January, data shows. The pattern shows how difficult it is to make a new habit stick. Click here for article. 





Organic Spa magazine article about Pura Vida Yoga Studio

January 2015

De-stressing Workout for the New Year

As the New Year's resolutions swing into high-gear, life may start to resemble boot camp class–heavy lifting, expletives and all!  No wonder so many members of Denver, Colorado's Pura Vida Fitness & Spa escape to the safe haven of the club's R&R class, which strengthens the body while also softening furrowed brows. Click here for article.





January 2015
Cherry Creek Lifestyle article about Pura Vida Denver Yoga

FOX 31





Best of Denver, 2014

Best Luxury Detox for Less

Pura Vida has long been a mecca for the exercise elite — a members-only gym with state-of-the-art facilities and top-of-the-line workout programming. But earlier this year, the fitness fortress opened its doors to non-members with the introduction of the Sunday Afternoon Meltdown, a combination yoga and meditation class focused on detoxing and preparing for the week ahead. Thirty bucks gets you in on a one-hour heated yoga session followed by a half-hour guided meditation, capped off with a specialty herbal elixir to sip while you take advantage of the club's steam room and hot tub.  Click for article.


American Spa magazine article about Pura Vida Denver Yoga

May 2014

Spa High

Coloradans in need of a boost as great as the Mile High City turn to Clear Your Mind Wellness Massage ($140, 80 minutes) at SpaVital at Pura Vida Fitness and Spa (Denver). "Clear Your Mind Massage is one of my favorites," says spa director Lindsay Dunsmore. Click for article on page 108.






USA Today article about Pura Vida Denver Gym

May 1, 2014

Denver Weekend Trips for Romance

by Carri Wilbanks

Focused on health and relaxation, Pura Vida Fitness and Spa offers guests a complimentary full-access pass to its luxurious fitness club with each visit to its in-house spa, SpaVital. Treat yourselves with side-by-side Swedish massages, chocolates and champagne, then head to a Iyengar yoga class for whole-body well-being. Click for article.


5280 Magazine

The Denver Magazine article about Pura Vida Denver Gym

April 2, 2014

Best Bet: Pura Vida's Sunday Afternoon Meltdown

by Daliah Singer

Pura Vida is doing its best to convert me into a yogi with a gym membership. Having played competitive sports my whole life, yoga has never held much appeal; I've been bored in the classes I've tried and left feeling as though I had barely broken a sweat. And while I work out regularly, I've never been a big fan of the steep membership fees at most gyms (including Pura Vida). But I'm always willing to reexamine my opinions. Click for article.



Shape Magazine article about Pura Vida Denver Yoga StudioMarch 2014

The New Yoga Hybrid with Spa

by Ashley Watts

SPAVital combines a private suspension yoga class with a craniosacral massage and aromatherapy. Click for article.


March 2014

Pura Vida Supports Marathon Runner for Water for People

Pura Vida gets behind former employee, Mark Goldfarb, as he runs the Colfax Marathon to raise $100,000 for Water for People.



Eater article with Pura Vida Denver yoga studioJanuary 24, 2014

Denver Restaurants Focus on Health

by Emily Hutto

Pura Vida Fitness & Spa at 2955 East 1st Avenue now offers Birch Elixirs, a line of eight non-alcoholic specialty beverages made from the juice of fruits and vegetables, roots, and herbs. Each elixir is designed with a specific purpose— for example the Vital Skin Renewal with burdock root and blood orange juice promotes healthy skin and nails, and the Vital Thrive with elderberry and ginger boosts immunity. These elixirs are created by Birch Foster, who attended the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Boulder and has spent 15 years in the holistic health industry. Click for article.


cbs Denver interview about Pura Vida Denver GymJanuary 11, 2014

Top Spots to Stay Fit During Your Stay In Denver

The new Ethos Studio at Denver’s Pura Vida Fitness and Spa is evolving the conventional theory of mind/body balance. An advanced form of holistic balance and mindful strength, Ethos introduces a new 360-degree approach to optimal wellness. Click for article.



Fab Fit Fun article about Pura Vida Denver yoga studioFebruary 14, 2014

by Tasha Ball

It’s important to keep yourself a priority no matter how busy life becomes. “When I’m feeling run-down I carve out time to do something for myself whether that’s taking a heated yoga class, sweating it out in a steam room, or relaxing with some detox tea,” said Lindsay Dunsmore, Spa Director of SPAVital at Pura Vida. . Click for article.




Examiner article featuring Pura Vida Denver GymFebruary 12, 2014

Healthy Valentine's Day Ideas to Keep the New Year's Resolutions

Keep the “good for the soul” mantra all weekend by enjoying Sunday Afternoon Meltdown at Pura Vida, Sunday at 2 pm. An hour session of yoga and a 30 minute meditation are held on the 4th floor in the club’s heated yoga room and Ethos wellness hub. Click for article.



Article with Pura Vida Denver GymFebruary 10, 2014

Click for article




January, 2014

Pura Vida's Sunday Afternoon Meltdown

by Bree Davies

Pura Vida in Cherry Creek North is opening its doors to the public for the first time ever this weekend, when it will host the inaugural edition of its new program, Sunday Afternoon Meltdown. The club invites yogis of all levels to wind down and recharge with a combination yoga class, guided meditation and detoxifying experience. Click for article.


Details Magazine with article about Pura Vida Denver pilates studioSeptember 2013

Beyond the Juice Bar

by Merritt Watts

Once just places to work off those excess pounds, health clubs are establishing themselves as dining destinations offering nutritionist-approved epicurean meals. Weekend warriors tone up for mountain biking, rock climbing, and skiing alongside pro athletes at the four-story fitness facility.






Top of the Town

Best Fitness Club, Best Spa
2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

We fell in love with the place when it first opened a couple of years ago, and we still can't deny it: Having a membership here is like having the keys to a secret kingdom. Walking through the Zenlike hallways of this four-story club, past the organic fruit bowls and tea/coffee station, you might actually forget that you're here for a workout. Until you walk into one of the state-of-the-art studios—yoga, indoor rowing, spinning—for your complimentary fitness class (included with membership). Sleek locker rooms and private showers the size of most bedrooms make prepping for the real world a refreshing experience.



America's Hippest Fitness Clubs

From Seattle to Brooklyn, and points in between: These fitness clubs are taking fresh approaches to the whole idea of working out. It’s a fitness center, it’s a spa–it’s the best of both worlds. At Pura Vida, a team of trainers, estheticians, massage therapists and nutritionists work in tandem to promote members’ total body-and-mind wellness. Non-members who visit the spa side of this luxurious fitness club, SPAVital, get a free day-pass to the state-of-the-art club where they can enjoy yoga, Pilates, cardio ballet and more. Click for article.



Club Solutions Magazine with article about Pura Vida Denver Gym


by Tyler Montgomery

A look into the 20 years of J Madden's success, beginning with Greenwood Athletic & Tennis Club and on to his newest addition, the high-end Pura Vida Fitness & Spa. Click for article.







Vogue article about Pura Vida Denver gym

Prêt-à-Ski: Snow Sport Conditioning at Pura Vida Fitness & Spa, Denver

Good form on the hills starts in the studio, with moving stretches (hurdle walks, knee hugs) that develop the postural stability skiiing demands. Cardio is built around deceleration drills, like turn-and-cut sprints, and jumps down from boxes to practice a soft landing (for when skis return to Earth after catching some air). Like the rest of the enlightened exercise world, the program, which emphasizes stability and mobility of ankle joints, recently went barefoot; foot rolls and heel and forefoot walks that target neglected foot muscles are now perfected sans sneakers. The endurance-focused class typically culminates in a meet-up on the mountain for a day with a pro.




Design article about Pura Vida Denver Gym and PilatesPura Vida Fitness & Spa - Semple Brown Design

Residents of Denver's Cherry Creek neighborhood may fondly recall a certain four-story building as the longtime home of the city's beloved Tattered Cover, an independent bookstore. Today, the building is again imbued with life thanks to a new forward-thinking tenant, Pura Vida Fitness & Spa, and an architectural transformation that opened the structure to sunlight and urban views.






  • Famous for: Gorgeous space and amenities, a staff renowned for excellence and superlative service.

  • Don't miss: Four Floors dedicated to mind and body wellness, and their luxurious SPAVITAL.

  • Consistently voted Denver's Best Health Club, Pura Vida is known for taking the typical health club model and turning it on its ear; think The Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton and then add expert instructors, top-of-the-line equipment and outstanding classes. The club struts the line between form and function, boasting flawless contemporary interior design and an unparalleled staff and range of machinery. With extras like fresh organic fruit awaiting you after a challenging workout and $150,000 in sublime original art hanging on the walls, this is no run-of-the-mill treadmill gym.

  • Its clientele is a literal 'who's who' of Denver, and its social significance doesn't stop at the club - PV maintains an extensive party schedule where members meet up monthly at restaurants, clubs and museums around town.


Beauty article about Pura Vida Denver Gym and YogaBest Facial in Denver

Denver's beauty secret? Lots of fresh air - and customized facials at this luxe retreat, where aestheticians go beyond the basic deep cleanse and tone: The vitamin C serum delivers instant brightness; an intense lymphatic massage de-puffs tired eyes.






Spa Report:

This spa is for: People who want to relax and pamper sore muscles after a workout; or people who want to skip the workout and just relax. First impressions: Light and breezy, the spa brings to mind the ocean with its aqua decor and minimalist feel. "Pura Vida," a popular saying in Costa Rica, means pure life, which is what you want to have after hanging out there — you leave ready for a healthy salad and a tall glass of water.
The treatment was: Worth the money. Moms-to-be who are dying to lie on your stomach, this is your spa. Foamy pillows with belly and breast cutouts let you lie facedown in comfort, avoiding the side-to-side flip many spas use for pregnant women. The face-down position lets the massage therapist go deeper into sore back muscles, including the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis. At times, this massage was intense, but necessary to improve a sore back — the perfect massage for people who want more for their money than just a relaxing rubdown with oil. Despite the deep concentration on sore spots, the treatment — in a dimly lighted room with soothing classical music and nature sounds — was quite relaxing. Click for article.



What Makes a Great Trainer? 

For Pilates director Colleen Glenn - a Pura Vida Fitness favorite - educational empowerment is the ultimate corollary to physical strength. After 26 years spent traveling the globe on a mission to expand Pilates from a "cottage industry" into a worldwide phenomenon, Glenn has discovered that "it's the balance between working out and learning" about structural alignment, proper breathing, and core stability that benefits students above all. Meanwhile, by incorporating dance moves into the traditional Pilates sequence of strengthening and stretching exercises, she also ensures they have more fun than they might in a more rigidly formatted class, "altering their form and their mood without feeling beaten up" from repetitive exertion.


Club magazine article about Pura Vida Denver Gym

Upbeat in a Downbeat Economy: Pura Vida Fitness & Spa Soars On Challenges!

The Denver Market was fiercely competitive. The Great Recession was about to begin. But J Madden was determined to launch a new club. J Madden, the owner of two landmark Colorado facilities - the Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, in Greenwood Village, and Pura Vida Fitness & Spa, in Denver - is the first to admit that, if he'd known anything about the fitness industry...things might not have worked out so well.





From the crosswalk at First and Milwaukee to the cross trainer three stories above, two Denver-based architects have redesigned the former Tattered Cover book store building into a new landmark for Cherry Creek North.





Hot List Spas 2009

 Our reviewers left no hot stone unturned in their effort to identify transcendent spots for head-to-toe pampering—rejecting scores of also-rans in the process...Sustainable wood floors and American clay plaster walls lend the 4,000-square-foot space a clean, natural aesthetic. Signature treatments, focusing on decompression and delivered by serene therapists in subtly lit rooms, include the Wild Mint Wrap, which uses Colorado mud to soothe and hydrate, and the deep-tissue Vital Touch massage, designed to knead out the aches of mountain climbers. The Blossom facial, a 30-minute sloughing followed by an intensely moisturizing mask, is the perfect remedy to a few days in the dry altitude of Mile High City. From there, a quick exit path brings you to the downstairs Pura Vida fitness center, where spa-goers can take a full day's spinning, yoga, Pilates, and dance classes for free.


CBS story about our Denver Gym
As CBS4’s Fit for Colorado campaign continues, so does the quest for Greg Moody to find a new measure of fitness at Pura Vida and get in shape for the next Ride the Rockies

  • Boot Camp: The Latest Trend in Group Exercise
  • Moody Gets Help Keeping in Shape in Holidays
  • A Virtual Cycling Training Ride Moody Likes
  • Goal: Getting Moody’s Head ‘In Right Place’
  • The Difference Between Perception and Reality
  • Moody Takes First Step in Fitness Plan


Back to School: PUR Power Fitness Class Revisits the Lost Childhood Art of Weird Balancing

 “. . . The most difficult part of being on the road is keeping fit. So this year I decided to team up with a very nice athletic club in Denver’s Cherry Creek district called Pura Vida . I wanted to offer this as a way for people to get in shape for my camps I will be holding at the Park Hyatt in December: The Beaver Creek Park Hyatt & Spa Technique Weeks ( . . . It has been a long time since I have been part of an organized conditioning program, or for that matter had a coach pushing me. This was part of the reason I decided to be the catalyst of a ski-conditioning program called PUR Power at Pura Vida. . . . Then just as the snow fell, day one of Pur Power took place under the leadership of master trainer Tim Harris. Our small but mixed group, a little nervous about what we were getting ourselves into, was enthusiastic, a bit quiet, but ready to jump in. . . The class is on its way, but feel free to join Pur Power anytime over the next six weeks and be able to take advantage of Tim’s guidance, but also Pura Vida itself.”