At Pura Vida's yoga studio, form follows function. It contains mold resistant surfaces and decorative Helsinki panels that are textured to enhance wall poses. It is also engineered for optimal acoustic performance. The studio boasts a dedicated HVAC system that can make extreme temperature adjustments in mere minutes. This allows for quick sequential transitions from one type of yoga class to the next at our Denver gym location.

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yoga denverVinyasa: These heated-studio classes match the comfort of fluid, graceful movement with the strength-building power of challenging postural flow. The result is a truly enjoyable process to cleanse, inspire, and inform.

Iyengar: This Hatha-style practice focuses on the asanas (posture) and pranayama (breath control). Each posture increases awareness and technique, addresses stability, and intensifies the depth of the posture. The use of props to helps promote whole-body well-being.

Thermal: These Bikram-style sessions give you the benefit of growing within the realm of repetitive, consistent and challenging structure. This practice, known as the original "hot yoga," is hosted in a very warm studio and includes 26 asanas, sometimes repeated twice, along with breath exercises intended to build strength, flexibility, stamina and inner focus.

Power: This invigorating practice places emphasis on strength and flexibility through varied sets of sequenced asanas practiced with strong purpose. This class will propel you into whatever follows with an abundance of high energy.

Suspension: Enjoy inversion play! Use the yoga suspension wall and suspended ceiling units to help align and open your entire body. In addition to suspension work, you’ll use stretching and strengthening techniques to relieve from back, neck, hip, and shoulder tightness and discomfort. You will leave feeling opened, aligned, and rejuvenated!

Align: This practice pays particular attention to precision of alignment, form and structure. Each yoga pose is experienced and examined thoroughly, often with the use of props, resulting in greater strength and flexibility as well as improved physical posture and deep power of concentration.

Restorative: A relaxing sequence of breath-infused stretch flows and moderately-paced asana practice meant to release tension, "untangle" knots and restore energy. This session ends with a long relaxation meditation.


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