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Your body was designed to move and you will be moving to Broadway Dance, African Jazz, Spice and more in the Pura Vida original format dance classes. Like Broadway dancers, our instructors are the craftsmen of their trade — inspired song married to innovated and effective movement for a workout like no other. 

Ballet Barre

This workout extends the tools and techniques of classic ballet, yoga, gymnastics, and Pilates movements to create tension on specific muscles without contracting them. These isometric poses simultaneously build and stretch your muscles for the slim and toned physique of a dancer. 

The ballet barre workout is low impact with maximum results because precise targeting works your muscles to fatigue while raising your heart rate. It is joint-friendly and perfect as either a primary training regime or a ideal weekly drop-in class that keeps your exercise program fresh and effective.  Pura Vida offers more than 10 classes each week, mornings and evenings. See our full class schedule for days and times.  




ballet barre