Dear Pura Vida Members,


Less than a month ago I sent an email to membership announcing the closing of Pura Vida on April 15, 2019. This has been a heart wrenching decision with many layers of challenge and discomfort. I have heard from many of you either in person or by email where we shared the profound sadness of this decision along with many stories about what Pura Vida meant to you, the amazing friendships made, and the incredible experiences shared.  


Pura Vida was more than a fitness club, but more like a sanctuary or community center. The incredible bonds made, the connections between members and staff, the inspirational talent of our instructors, our amazing personal training team, truly one of the best spa experiences in the city, and the first class job our loyal housekeeping team has performed daily to keep our beloved Pura Vida immaculate; all of these factors contributed to the “secret sauce” that made Pura Vida extraordinary.  


Soon after announcing the closing of Pura Vida a little over three weeks ago we experienced an immediate and significant loss of revenue that had an instant and profound impact on our ability to sustain operations until April 15, 2019. This decline in revenue along with the continued expenses has compelled me to accept the reality of the glaring financial impact by needing to adjust the closing date to February 28, 2019. Accepting this reality is extremely difficult and uncomfortable, but a necessity. Please know we performed a deep and diligent investigation to determine how long we can remain open based on the financial realities, which solidified the February 28 date.  


Absorbing this conclusion has been extremely difficult creating a ripple effect on our beloved staff and our loyal members. There are many layers to making this decision. Making sure our staff is properly accommodated is paramount. Being sensitive to the impact on our members and how their daily routines will be altered weighs on all of us. Be assured that we are doing our very best to navigate through the litany of challenges upon us. We are striving to be as positive, compassionate, and transparent as possible. The “to do list” to close is extensive and for all the staff that elects to stay on after closing, they will be compensated accordingly. We plan to take the month of March to execute our plan to sell or donate assets and equipment.  


Many employees have pursued new employment, which we support. As most recognize, the Pura Vida staff are extended family. I know most of them and remain humbled by their amazing work ethic and abiding belief in all things Pura Vida. The Pura Vida culture is unrivaled and truly amazing. Realizing this incredible community will be moving on is very hard for all of us to metabolize, but will remain an indelible legacy to be treasured.  


Early on the tag line “Pura Vida is nationally known and locally loved” became our mantra. Our members and staff bonded creating an experience that I will always treasure and reflect on with immense pride and joy.  


I am both sad and sorry to announce this news. It weighs on me, it weighs on staff, and will be difficult for our loyal members to say goodbye. If it is of any consolation (as referenced in my last email) I have signed a letter of intent for a new location of the next iteration of Pura Vida to be called Pura Vida Studio. Pura Vida Studio will include the same brand architecture, customer centricity, and programming excellence in an extremely well designed space. Keeping with transparency, the next steps to advance Pura Vida Studio are to A) negotiate lease terms B) advance the design phases C) generate construction pricing and D) procure funding. All of these variables will be my focus starting April 1. If you want to be placed on an “interest list” for updates on Pura Vida Studio please email: Jake de la Torre <> and he will take care of you. I am excited about Pura Vida Studio and hope that many of you will connect with Jake to be placed on the “interest list”.  


In closing, I reflect with enormous gratitude on what Pura Vida has meant to all of us over the past years. I will miss you. I will miss the comfort of our wonderful facility. I will miss our incredible staff. Above all I will miss the daily connectivity all of us shared and how Pura Vida had such a positive impact on 1000’s of lives.  


With gratitude and profound appreciation~


J Madden
Pura Vida Fitness and Spa