Denver pilates instructorEducation and Certifications
Ph7 Pilates Certified
MA in Painting
BFA Fine Art/Graphic Design

Wendy is a classically trained instructor by Ph7 Pilates in Denver, CO. She started practicing Pilates in 2002 to alleviate back pain, and it immediately became a mainstay in her life. She loves the way the Pilates method keeps her active mind engaged combined with its endless ability to work her core!

As an instructor, Wendy is meticulous about form and is always looking for new ways to challenge the body and align the spine. Her ability to see to lines of the body can probably be attributed to her background as an artist. Wendy has a MA in Painting and a BFA in Fine Art/Graphic Design. Her work is exhibited regularly in the Denver area. She has 12 years of teaching experience and a strong interest in contemporary music.