Jonathan Oldham, Pilates instructor at our Denver GymEducation and Certifications
MS Physical Therapy
PMA Pilates Method Alliance Gold Certified Pilates Teacher
Graduate of The Pilates Center of Boulder, 1000 hours
Qualified Teacher of the Ron Fletcher Work, 2000 hours

Jonathan Oldham, MSPT began his career in Pilates after a four-year stint skating with Ice Capades. He was certified at the Pilates Center of Boulder during the time Romana Krysanowska was master teacher of the program. He subsequently worked at the Pilates Center of Boulder for 10 years. Jonathan attained his physical therapy degree at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1999. Since then, he has been integrating Pilates methodology with his physical therapy practice. Jonathan has also studied extensively with master teacher Ron Fletcher and has completed the Ron Fletcher program of study. Jonathan is well-known in Pilates circles. He has done a great deal of publicity work for Peak Pilates, and has presented at the conferences of the Pilates Method Alliance. Jonathan approaches his work in Pilates with the philosophy that movement is an expression of health, and the precision, balance and flowing motion inherent in the Pilates method provide the perfect medium for this expression.