Denver pilates instructorEducation and Certification
NY Authentic Pilates 600 Hour Classical training, 2003
Advanced Teacher Training with Kathi Ross Nash, Jan 2015
TRX certified 2009
Titleist Golf Fitness 2008


Jaime is a third-generation classical Pilates instructor with over 12 years of teaching experience. Her clients have ranged from NFL athletes, triathletes, post-rehab, and Pilates apprentices and teachers.

Jaime loves helping her clients achieve their personal goals, whether it’s a more efficient golf swing, less aches and pains, strength, flexibility, weight goals, or just better health. Jaime’s ability to see incorrect alignments in the body and address them through precise verbal and tactile cues is very useful in helping clients understand the work in their body. She likes to keep her sessions fun and energetic.

Although she is meticulous on form, her sessions aren’t for the fainthearted.You can expect Jaime to push and inspire you to make real changes. That said,  if you are currently struggling with an injury or just recovering from one, she will make sure to keep you safe, growing steadily, and remaining active during this time.