physical therapy denverKeri Bergeron grew up in Boston, MA as a competitive gymnast and dancer. Many times physical therapists helped her get back to swinging on the bars, back to tumbling on the floor, back to doing what she loved. She decided to study physical therapy to be able to offer that same opportunity to others. While completing her Master’s degree, Keri traveled to Vail for internships where she had the opportunity to learn from incredible manual therapists. She fell in love with this type of hands-on work, with the mountains, and with yoga. So upon completing her degree she moved to Vail permanently to pursue those newfound passions. Over the last 10 years she has blended western medicine with her increasing curiosity for all things yoga. This includes multiple trainings with many nationally and internationally known teachers. Keri has now been teaching alignment-based vinyasa yoga for 6 years. She continues to blend her physical therapy background with yoga and education in her own teacher trainings.


She established Evolve Physical Therapy 6 years ago on the principle that education leads to evolution. She now brings that philosophy to the Pura Vida community.  She approaches each of her clients as an individual, as a whole physical, emotional, and energetic being. Keri believes strongly that educating her clients on how and why they have pain makes all the difference. And that understanding why compels people to do things differently. Her primary goal in her teaching as well as in her physical therapy practice is to foster autonomy, to provide her clients with the understanding and tools to be able to take very good care of themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bill insurance?  
In an attempt to provide more complete service to each client, Evolve Physical Therapy does not contract with insurance companies at this time. Rather than being restricted by insurance as to what care can be provided and the endless paperwork required to accomplish that, Keri is able to focus all of her attention on the client. She is willing to provide a detailed receipt upon request for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Keri advises that you contact your insurance company before your treatment to determine if they reimburse for "out of network providers."

What is the cost per session?
The cost is $100/hour. You will always receive 100% one-on-one attention during the hour.

How do I schedule an appointment? 
Please contact Keri Bergeron directly to schedule your appointment at or at 970.470.2611.

Where will we meet for a session?
At your appointment time, please meet Keri at the fitness concierge desk just outside the elevators on the 3rd floor.

What should I expect in a session? 
You can expect one-on-one attention 100% of the time during your scheduled hour appointment. Keri will provide hands-on manual treatments including but not limited to joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point release, myofascial release, and nerve mobilization. Keri always supplements these treatments with extensive education on the mechanics of your injury, the how and the why your pain exists. You will also receive a comprehensive home exercise program to include stretching, strengthening, and or/stabilization. Diligence with your prescribed exercises is essential for optimal results.

What type of “out of session” support do you provide? 
As questions arise after/between sessions or with exercises that you are performing at home, Keri is available at or by phone at 970.470.2611.