Personal training DenverEducation and Certifications
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
WITS Certified Personal Trainer
Equinox EFTI Foundations, Detailed Sciences
Musculoskeletal Pathologies Certification
Kettlebell Certified Instructor
ViPR Certified Instructor
Medical Exercise Specialist

Area of Expertise
Body fat reduction, high intensity circuit training, body weight exercise, ViPR




Dream vacation spot: Banff National Park, Canada

Biggest pet peeve: Laziness/sloppiness. Bring SOMETHING to the table

Weird quirks about me: I swear like a sailor

Something I’m really bad at: Dance class or any choreographed situation. You do not want me next to you and you most definitely do not want me as your partner

Secret talent: I win at winning

Celebrity crush: Justice Joslin. If you have never heard of/seen him. Google now! RIGHT now!