Denver GymEducation and Certifications
University of Louisville, KY, BS & MS Exercise Physiology 
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach 
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Coach Level 2
US Army Master Fitness Trainer Instructor

Area of Expertise
Post-injury/surgical strength and conditioning, athletic development, postural analysis and correction, IASTM Technique (soft tissue scraping)




Favorite cheat meal: Pizza

Secret phobia: Spiders, clowns, horses, heights. Especially horses with eight legs dressed as clowns on top of skyscrapers

Something I’m really bad at:  American accents

Least favorite exercise: Bench press, I have T-rex arms

Favorite accomplishment: Olympic trials swimming finalist, 2008

Favorite athlete: Muhammed Ali