personal trainer at our Denver Gym
Education and Certifications
CPT & Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM
Nutritional Therapist, The Health Sciences Academy
MBA/MS Hospitality, University of Nevada Las Vegas 

Area of Expertise
Functional movement, weight loss, mobility, body positivity, holistic health, plant-based nutrition, mindfulness-based stress reduction








Favorite cheat meal: Dark chocolate!! As a proud “ chocoholic”, I have a piece every morning with my coffee. I’m convinced it makes me a much happier person and saves me tons of money on therapy. 


Dream vacation spot: Mountains with no cell service or wi-fi; the more secluded the better. 


Weird quirks about you: I’m an extroverted introvert. I’m super social at work and I love people, but solitude is my other form of therapy (after chocolate). 


Something you are really bad at: Anything with computers, software, or technology. Also styling my hair! The curling iron and I do not get along. At this point in my life, I have given up and learned to love myself with my hair up. 


Least favorite exercise: Jump lunges! I consider this a special form of torture and hardly ever make anyone do this. Instead, we do burpees…over and over and over again!