Keri is a personal trainer our Denver gymEducation and Certifications
University of Illinois at Urban Champagne, BS Biology
American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Suspension Training
Sports Conditioning
Certified Pharmacy Technician
MAT Specialist

Area of Expertise
Weight loss, strength, conditioning, high-intensity circuit training, healthy lifestyle development.




Favorite cheat meal:  Margarita with chips and guac

Dream vacation spot:  Thailand

Biggest pet peeve:  Pet hair everywhere

Weird quirks about you:  I love bad action movies 

Secret phobia: I hate mosquitoes

Something you are bad at: Singing

Your most obnoxious habit: Clumsy, I spill everything

Least favorite exercise: Thrusters

Nickname as a kid: Ker Bear

Secret talent: Unwrapping a starburst in my mouth

Favorite accomplishment: Moving out to Colorado by myself

What decade you would choose to be born in:  The 80s...Jazzercise!

What sound to you love the most:  Ocean waves

Who is your celebrity crush:  Zac Efron 

Favorite athlete:  Cristiano Ronaldo