Jonathan is a Yoga instructor at our Denver GymEducation and Certifications
UEL (London), Master of Science in Advanced Energy & Environmental Studies 
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Fitness Leader
Capoeira Instructor
Yoga Instructor
TRX Instructor
KINESIS® Instructor
Medical Exercise Specialist


Area of Expertise
Breath work, balance and core, body awareness and stability though experiential movement, VIVOBAREFOOT Sole Specialist




Dream vacation spot: Patagonia

Secret phobia: That spongy stuff they put in couches

Thing I’m really bad at: Lefts and rights on other people

Nickname as a kid: Jonboy, or simply “boy” because I was a great swimmer, like Tarzan’s son

Decade I wish I was born in: 1160s, so I could rock it around the world with Mongol tribes

Celebrity crush: George Clooney