Brian Duffy, personal trainer at our Denver GymEducation and Certifications
Metropolitan State University of Denver, BS Exercise Science, Minor in Nutrition
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
ACSM Exercise Physiologist


Area of Expertise
Physique training, weight loss, sports performance, sports injury prevention









Favorite cheat meal: Definitely cheese. Cheese isn't necessarily a meal so my favorite cheat meal is pizza (I add a chicken breast to them though!)


Weird quirks about me: I like objects to be parallel, perpendicular, or in order. I have multiple clients that know this and like to change around the workout station set up to throw me off!


Secret phobia: 100% spiders


Something I’m really bad at: Growing facial hair


My most obnoxious habit:  Leaving coffee and protein powder all over the kitchen counter


Nickname as a kid: Everything that rhymes with Duffy