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Nov 09, 2016


Your satisfaction with your health club can make or break your fitness regime. You’ll be spending plenty of precious free time there, and just like your workout results, you want to feel good about your investment. During a short tour or trial membership, it can be difficult to get a feel for how your membership will really be. Here are a few things to look for when making your choice.

High-traffic areas can get dirty quickly and rank highly on the “ewww” factor.  Go one step beyond clean to look for small touches of luxury like the privacy and vibe of the locker room, post-workout rewards like a steam or quality of linens, and toiletries provided for when you leave home without your gym essentials. Everyone deserves a soft touch after a hard workout. 

Inclusiveness and Community
No gym class bullies allowed.  From other members to the instructors, a club with a “you’ve got this” vibe and the credentials to keep you safe, motivated, and progressing you will help you thrive. You’ll want to try new classes and push your limits. If you have ever met anyone who loves their spin class, their barre class, or their free weights, then you know they want to talk about it. A strong health club will merge your passions with people who love the same. Attend a happy hour, participate in member workshops, and ask the staff for recommendations—you will find yourself surrounded by new friends and partners to support your life-long health.


Value means your expectations should be exceeded regularly by your experience, a combination of quality and quantity. This could be classes or programs that take you to new heights of motivation, nutritional workshops, meditation programs that help diminish your day-to-day stress, or small luxurious touches that reward you during and after your workout. The cumulative impact of your club should be transformative.


A good gym hires experts who have both a passion for fitness and the knowledge to help you optimize your health. The best trainers and instructors inhale and exhale their jobs. They come with years of education, depth of experience, and current certifications. The human body is complicated, and learning to shape it, protect it, and keep it motivated is more than a profession – it’s a lifestyle.