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Nov 09, 2016


We all know that heath, mental wellness, and finding your joyful movement (spinning, HIIT, yoga, etc) is a lifelong commitment that requires dedication as well as an occasional boost to keep you going. When you hit the proverbial wall, it can be a challenge to reignite your enthusiasm and restart a routine. Try following these steps to renew your groove.


Change your Environment
When you like your workout environment, you’ll be more motivated to get there. Studio aesthetics, a familiar face to greet you, a favorite instructor, or juicy amenities may be just what you need to draw you into the gym. If you love to steam or whirlpool, then make that your dessert after a hardy strength session. Or follow an intense cardio with a meditation class. Whatever your pleasure, choose an environment that rewards your hard work.

Start with Success
If you’ve stopped your routine for while don’t try to pick up right where you left off. Find a class or do an workout that challenges you while still leaving you willing to come back for more. Connect with your instructor before class and let him or her know where you are in your fitness regime. They will offer modifications that will help you get the most out of your workout.


Get a Wingman
There’s nothing like a partner to keep you accountable and motivated. If you’re new to the club, a few personal training sessions can make a world of difference. Your trainer will work with you to create a regime that fits your goals, schedule, and fitness level. They’ll also be able help you find workout partners or tell you about small-group classes that give you the individual attention you’re looking for.


Join the Community
Don’t limit your club time to the fitness floor. The social element of your membership can lead to lasting friendships and give you the support you need to keep coming back for more. Attend in-club events like artists receptions, happy hours, or nutrition workshops — these are great venues for meeting new faces. Likewise, rowing, spinning, dancing or down-dogging side-by-side with other members in group classes leads to a natural camaraderie. With over 160 classes weekly, you’ll have plenty to choose from.