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May 02, 2016


by Allison Westfahl, Personal Training Director

Spring is upon up and that means it is time to hit the tennis courts. Here are a few exercises to help get you ready to get back in the game. 

A dynamic warm up is an important part of preparing the body to play any game, but especially tennis. Great for before practice or right before a competition, the following body weight exercises will make sure you start on the right foot.  
Be sure to include some form of cardiovascular interval training (such as a Tabata) twice a week.  This will help with those quick bursts of energy needed to sustain you throughout a match and keep you in great shape.    


Carioca with Lateral Lunge

  • Side steps while rotating torso, knee hugs with lunge. Also, try arm circles/arm swings with alternating lateral lunge.

Rotational Dynamic Reverse Lunge:  

  • Improves lower body strength and power.  
  • Benefits core stability and dynamic balance.
  • Increased shoulder strength. 
  • Maintain good posture for a reverse lunge and reach toward same side ankle.  To progress the exercise ,add a weighted medicine ball.  You can also add a single leg balance shoulder press at finish.  
  • 1-3 sets 15-20 reps.

Lateral Lunge with High Row

  • Improves frontal plane coordination.
  • Actives the glute muscles.  
  • Increased torso rotation and shoulder and back strength.  
  • Maintain good posture, then lateral lunge with both feet facing forward. Pressing through both heels, keep the knee stacked over toe, but not extending beyond.  Keep glutes back as if sitting in chair. Reach opposite arm with dumbbell toward foot, rotating torso while keeping back straight. Finish movement by standing tall with dumbell in high row working shoulder and back muscles. 
  • Regress the movement by just using your own body weight.  
  • Progress by adding more load with dumbells or finish off movement with single leg balance high row.
  • 1-3 sets 15 reps each direction.

Lateral Band Raise

  • Injury prevention for shoulders.
  • Increases strength in shoulders and upper body. 
  • Stand with one foot on top of band. Lift laterally to shoulder height.  
  • Progress the exercise with both feet on band and wider stance, or can move to green or red band.
  • Alternating transverse raises can be incorporated to simulate forward and backward movement of the arm during tennis strokes.
  • Always control the weight in all directions.
  • 1-3 sets 15-20 reps.

TRX Power Pulls

  • Improves core stability and strength
  • Dynamic core activation and power
  • Improves strength in lower body, shoulders, back, and calves
  • Pull straps to highest position.Single arm rotation to floor as drop hips into deep squat.  Rotate with explosive movement bring arm up the TRX strap.
  • Finish by coming up onto the balls of feet, and pulling into high row position with opposite arm.
  • Regress movement by stepping away from anchor point
  • Progress movement by adding a dumbbell, and or can step closer to anchor point.
  • 1-3 sets 15 reps each direction