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Nov 09, 2016


“I regret that workout,” said no one, ever.  Good health is one of the highest forms of self-respect, and our bodies need different inputs as we age. As you explore Pura Vida’s diverse wellness offerings, consider these strategies.

In Your 20s

  • Learn how to lift weights correctly so you master your form to gain strength without injury.
  • Learn about macronutrients. They’re the foundation of your nutritional health.
  • Establish a fitness routine. It will become a lifelong habit.

In Your 30s

  • Focus on symmetry, working your entire body equally and countering the effects to long days at a desk.
  • Add in massage and bodywork.
  • Get your hormones tested – you might find they are starting to fluctuate. Armed with this information, you can use nutrition and exercise strategies to help you regulate them.

In Your 40s

  • Lay off the long slow cardio sessions
  • Focus on high-intensity sprint intervals to rev up your slowing metabolism.
  • Lift the heavy stuff. Building and maintaining muscle mass has long-terms payoffs as you age.

In Your 50s

  • Learn and new fitness activity that challenges your brain. It will help keep you motivated and fuels brain health.
  • Constantly work on balance. Try yoga and full-body moves to maintain your core muscles.
  • Get more sleep.

In Your 60s

  • Train functionally, focusing on stairs, sitting low, and getting up and down off the ground with no hands.
  • Work on agility and accuracy in your movement.
  • Combat back and shoulder slumping by working on your posture. Work your core, back and chest muscles.

In Your 70s

  • Focus on your proprioception to maintain stability, hone your their agility, and fine-tune coordination skills. It will reduce the risk of injury by training your body to react appropriately to sudden changes in your environment.
  • Tailor your workouts to enhance your performance in your daily activities
  • Get outside more. The sun aids in the production of vitamin D, enhances your mood and regulates the production of melatonin, among other benefits.

In Your 80s and Up

  • Make sure your routine is fun and stimulating.
  • Have meaningful conversatiosn while you’re working out — it builds your multi-tasking abilities.
  • Take care of your joints to optimize mobility. Move each joint during every workout to its safest range of motion.