The Underground is Pura Vida’s small-group training studio where things get a little dirty.  Open to members and non-members alike, these are loud, intense workouts with an old-school flair. You might find yourself climbing ropes, tossing a medicine balls, or hanging from ladders, but the science behind the program and the fast results are anything but a throwback.  Visit the class schedule for details.


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What is the Underground? It’s an 800-square-foot adult playground where you can sculpt your body, build endurance, rev up your metabolism, and have fun. Our classes are scientifically designed by the best trainers in the industry to combine cardio, strength, and mobility, giving you the perfect workout. 30-minute classes can be taken alone, or combined with adjacent classes for a 60- or 90-minute total workout.


From beginners to advanced athletes, we have you covered in the Underground. Our sessions will challenge fitness levels in the same encouraging and well-equipped setting.


As elite personal trainers, we know that any exercise must be backed with proven theories and science. The Underground’s exercise template was designed with efficiency and results in mind. What makes up a perfect workout? How do you feel when a perfect workout is complete? How does class structure challenge everyone in class?

  • Strength-30 classes include weightlifting to slowly and progressively build lean muscle mass, a higher resting metabolism, and the ability to understand how to lift weights correctly, change a tire, carry in groceries, play with your kids, play recreational sports, and to live feeling great.
  • Met-30 classes include cardio-conditioning to strengthen your heart, help reduce the risk of hundreds of preventable diseases, keep your weight at a healthy BMI, and to make sure you can do all of the things you love—skiing, running, cycling, hiking, endurance sports, you name it.

All classes include mobility to specifically train your body to move correctly, thus preventing injury in exercise and everyday activities. 


Email Allison Westfahl at for information about getting started.