Pura Vida’s nutritionists are experts at creating dietary plans. Ones that compliment your unique lifestyle, goals, and nutritional needs. With their guidance and support, you’ll reach your goals while learning to plan and and eat healthfully and mindfully. This makes it easier to engage in healthier activities on an ongoing basis. Choose from a full range of programs, packages, tests, and supplements.


Meet with our nutritionists one-on-one to find holistic solutions to losing weight, increasing performance, combating ailments, and enhancing mental clarity. We will evaluate your dietary history, specific nutrient needs, and personal nutrition goals. With our expertise and ongoing support, you will realize dramatic improvements in how you look and feel.
60-minute session: $125 members; $150 guests
30-minute session: $65 members; $78 guests
15-minute follow-up session: $32 members; $40 guests

Green cleanse drink at our Denver gymGROUP CLEANSES

Pura Vida regularly offers group cleanses in 7-day, 21-day, 4-week or longer formats. Get the support of our holistic nutritionists and other members in a small-group format. Our group cleanses include eating plans, fitness regimes, supplement recommendations, and regular meetings.


Each month our nutritionists host complimentary workshops focusing on tools and strategies for incorporating better nutrition into your life. Topics may include nutrition for better sleep or more energy, as well as explorations of the latest diet trends. Visit our schedule for classes and details.


Food intolerances and allergies can be a major cause of ailments, weight gain, lethargy, sleeplessness, and other health concerns. Pura Vida offers lab-supported testing including blood (ALCAT), saliva, and stool tests to help us identify the root of your health issues. We will analyze your clinical results and create a personalized program for you to achieve optimal health.
60-minute test analysis: $149 members; $185 guests
Does not include the cost of the test


Round out your diet with the the best available vitamins and minerals, including Infinity-C, fish oil, multivitamins, probiotics, and more. Contact our holistic nutritionists to identify the right blend for you.

  • Apex Energetics: This professional, pharmaceutical grade supplement line offers a wide range of adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, minerals, and endocrine support to encourage physiological improvement. Apex Energetics uses hypo-allergenic practices when developing their formulas. We use these supplements for detoxification support, adrenal and blood sugar support, anti-inflammatory processes, etc.
  • Xymogen Exclusive Professional Formulas: Xymogen is a professional, pharmaceutical grade supplement line with formulas that have undergone rigorous clinical studies and contain research-based therapeutic doses of ingredients.
  • Vital Nutrients: This professional grade supplement line is a leader in quality assurance. Their supplements set the bar for purity, potency, stability, and consistency, and the raw and finished products are all third party-tested. We use vitamin, mineral and herbal support from Vital Nutrients to assist with hormonal balance.

Supplementation is suggested on a case-by-case basis. This requires consultation before they are are given to clients. Supplements are charged separately and are not refundable.


Contact Sara at or Lauren at for more information about adding holistic nutrition to your wellness program.