Pura Vida offers over 125 classes each week, supported by seven studios dedicated to their respective programming areas. Each class is a creative process led by talent who are uniquely capable of matching class format to the ability of our members. Instructors choreograph a distinct class each time, ensuring a rewarding experience for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. View our class schedule online.


Our program is is ever-evolving and includes offerings that represent the latest innovations in fitness, including ballet-influenced workouts, Zumba and African dance, mat Pilates, cardio/strength mixes, and barefoot classes. Join us in our light-filled studio, with walls of glass and a well-appointed accessory closet. 

Ballet-Based Classes

Our ballet-based classes offer two levels of cardio intensity to sweat and burn your way through strength training exercises rooted in ballet, Pilates, and gymnastics. Ballet Body tones and sculpts for the lean, dancer’s body you desire. Or try Allegro Ballet for a more intense cardio workout using quick and fast-paced intervals to burn extra calories and rev up your metabolism.

Yoga Fusion

These classes combine yoga with other disciplines for a more intense cardio experience. Yin Yang Fitness includes 40 minutes of high-intensity interval training with 20 minutes of yoga-inspired stretching. In Yoga Body, you'll deepen your practice by adding cardio, plyometric, and strength training to fundamental yoga poses. Or try the Mighty Root, that uses light resistance (sandbells) and repetitive movements inspired by functional fitness and yoga to develop a stable foundation of strength, flexibility, and balance. Rowers will love Row and Flow, offering an intense 30-minute cardiovascular rowing workout with a challenging 30-minute Vinyasa sequence.


Like to dance?  Pura Vida's Zumba and African dance classes add spice to your workout routine. Zumba is a popular cardio party that mixes Latin rhythms and international dance steps for a fun-loving, calorie-burning, mood swing in the right direction. Or try African Jazz to increase your flexibility, coordination, and tone with with vigorous weight-bearing movements.


Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning. This 60-minute circuit class combines the ViPR with other fitness modalities and tools in one high-intensity workout. ViPR Fit classes deliver a dynamic and fun variety of real-life movement and total body integration for maximized metabolic rate, increased caloric expenditure, and great improvements in endurance and strength.

Rowing Fusion

The perfect blend of modalities, indoor rowing meets Vinyasa yoga. Row and Flow blends an intense 30-minute cardiovascular rowing workout with a challenging 30-minute Vinyasa sequence.

MAT Pilates

These complimentary Pilates-based classes offer an innovative system of mind-body exercise. Enhance your body awareness and improve your posture while increasing core strength, flexibility, coordination and mind/body awareness.

Indoor Cycling

Train smarter and see results in the most motivating, efficient, and effective cycling workouts in Denver. Experience Soul Ride to awaken your soul and energize your spirit with a high-intensity ride flowing to the beat of the music. Enjoy the ambiance inside a warm studio that connects mind, breath, and body. Pura Vida's indoor cycling staff has been trained in the comprehensive educational programs offered by Keiser Master Training.


Designed for small groups and accommodating up to six students at once, this studio is built with the most current available Kinesis equipment and state-of-the-art sound system. Classes are led by certified Kinesis instructors and focus on building strength and flexibility through timed repetitions. Learn more.